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Dependency Injection in AWS Lambda Handler (Node.js)

03 December 2017

Dependency Injection is an important design pattern, and it should practiced in the AWS Lambda world too. This post will run through you a clean simple idea on how to achieve it with Node.js without the use of any framework or library.

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Learnings from London LeadDev 2017

11 June 2017

This post captures my learnings from the The Lead Developer 2017 conference. I’m going to admit that I have missed a lot of nuggets as my brain couldn’t contain the amount of goodies I found in the conference. The conference is jam-packed with so much lessons! I have also collected all of the resources mentioned by the speakers at the last section of this blog.

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7 Years in Retrospect

24 March 2017

After 7 years of working for Experian, I’m finally moving on to the second job of my life. I’m capturing the learnings and observations throughout those years here, something that I’ll be able to look back on to remind myself in the future.

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Continuous Delivery with Chef

09 March 2017

The journey I had on achieving Continuous Delivery using Chef as the tool for environment management, application configuration management and application deployment have not been easy. Documentations and resources surrounding this topic are quite scarce. I hope this writing will be helpful and do leave comments to other readers if you have found better ways of achieving what I’m trying to do.

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JUC 2015 - Europe

04 July 2015

This blog contains the report of my attendance for JUC 2015 - Europe in London. I only wrote the bits that I find fresh to my brain and a set of keywords for researchability. More information is captured by workingwithdevs.com liveblog: day 1, day 2 (do note that we attended different talks).

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