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Jenkins vs Bamboo

22 June 2015

Disclaimer: I have 1 year experience with Jenkins and 0 experience with Bamboo, so I might be wrong on certain points Bamboo. Open for feedbacks in the comments.

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Automating Signing of Launch4j's exe with Python

20 December 2014

One of the manual release step that we have is to sign the installers of our products. This simple step is made complicated by launch4j. The steps that were in place was from this discussion here and I’m addressing the most errorneous step of it with a python script in this post:

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Why is substring method's end index exclusive?

09 February 2014

Imagine you have a string s = "01234". You want to extract the substring of “123” from it. The example of the string that I use here is simple as each of the characters represents its index. That means to get the substring “123”, the start index is 1, and the end index is 3, right? Unfortunately, this is wrong in most of programming languages out there. Let me exemplify:

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